Wicked Campers exploits a loophole in the Advertising Standards to advertise using sexist, racist and homophobic slogans.

If they put the advertisements on a Billboard or a TV ad they would be pulled down. But a loophole allows them to be shown on the side of vehicles. Recently, Queensland has taken action to close this loophole and the Government has vaguely committed to addressing the issue.

This is a crucial moment, with the Government responding to our advocacy, we have a chance to make sure we get the right reforms. Can you email the Minister telling her you want the loophole closed?

We do not accept this language in any other advertising medium as it fosters a culture where women are not safe. Together, we can make sure the Minister takes the most appropriate form of action and closes the loophole.

Tens of thousands of people across Australia have campaigned for this and we finally have a moment where we can make it happen!

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